Musical Stuff

Oops! Over 3 weeks since my very first post….I have excuses, though: mocks, mocks, mocks…

I would say sorry, but since there isn’t really anyone to say sorry to, I think I’ll just move on.

I really do use ellipses too often, don’t I?

Anyways, recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Korean music, because it’s just so catchy and the music videos are so cute! Some groups I’ve listened to include Wondergirls , 2ne1, Girls Revolution and Kara. I especially like Nobody, I don’t care, Lollipop (here I mean the one by 2ne1 and Bigbang, not one of the millions of other songs called lollipop, though some of them are nice too:)) Gee, and Honey.

I have also started listening to bubblegum pop pieces, which I never thought I’d like, but it’s actually pretty fun to listen to (Doctor Jones and Tarzan and Jane, anyone?). I’m not sure if Jenny Rom fits into this category, but I think she probably does…anyways, I love Senorita and Game of Love! They are perfect dance music, as well as background music for AMVs. Does anyone else think that her music is quite Japanese-like even though she is Italian? You can easily imagine an idoru dance based on the music. Maybe it’s just me.

While I’m going on about musical stuff, I just have to mention that I got a distinction for my singing exam! All the world rejoice! Okay, maybe I’ll just rejoice on my own…I really thought I wasn’t going to get a distinction, especially considering what I did with my last song. I just stopped before the last verse, all happy, thinking I had finished. It was only when my teacher gave me an alarmed look that I realized I still had one more verse to go! Well, then she improvised a bit and then I joined her playing again to sing the last verse. I was so embarrassed! Plus, I really messed up the whole memory thing they have on ABRSM aurals. Oh well, I guess it was just my charming personality, not to mention my shining *cough* modesty that gained me the marks. d: I really hope the smileys aren’t putting anyone off. Well, at least I’m using correct grammar (I think), so that should not be such a big problem :).

Hmm..I don’t really have anything more to write, so I’ll just end it here šŸ™‚ This turned out to be a pretty music-centered post, so maybe I’ll write about something else next time (hopefully sooner than after 3 weeks).

Ta 4 Now!


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